Private Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish with a great teacher. 
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Private Spanish lessons with a qualified native teacher, specialized in training Spanish teachers, with more than ten years of experience in this field.

Study Spanish in a comfortable manner without leaving your home!

Online lessons with Skype.

Lessons for beginners or intermediate level - with a special method which enables you speak Spanish from the first lesson. In these lessons you will study grammar, conversation skills, daily life situations, vocabulary, songs.

Which Spanish song so you like? 

Lessons to improve your Spanish. - Special personalized lessons for people who want to improve their Spanish and to be able to have a conversation. In these lessons we will talk about culture, current events, literature, music, sport etc. What subject would you like to talk about?

Spanish for professionals - Spanish for all types of skills, business, international trade, etc. Spanish courses to make you feel more confident in all commercial and trade areas. Whatever you would like to sell?

Advanced lessons in – conversation, general literature, Latin American and Spanish culture, current affairs, music, etc.
Who is your favorite Latin American writer?

Spanish grammar lessons for all students who want to understand and improve the rules of the Spanish language.
The lessons are online and are focused on the student's individual needs. You will also receive the materials and resources to learn and practice the language.

Affordable prices!

Promotional Price - First lesson $ 15 - 10.5  (45 min)

So, think about when you would want to start studying and write to me in order to book a lesson.
VAMOS…..a lot of people speak Spanish already!!

Start now! See how easy it is:
University – universidad
Studies – estudios
Users – usuarios
Student- estudiante
Communication – Comunicación
Professionals – Profesionales
You can send me more words that are similar in Spanish and English.